Vespa. Italian style for the world

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With over sixteen million units manufactured, it is a familiar sight in every corner of the globe, and is part and parcel of the urban landscape. Its birth, however, dates back to 1945 as the revolutionary idea of a car with two wheels, incorporating a series of astonishing features clearly borrowed from aeronautics. A perfect combination of function, production rationalization and shapely elegance, the Vespa very soon began to make its mark as one of the signs of our times. Italian edition available.

  • Editore: Giunti
  • Collana: Atlanti illustrati
  • Curatore: Mazzanti,Davide
  • Copertina: Brossura con bandelle
  • Dimensione: 22.3x26.5cm
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • ISBN - EAN: 9788809060807
  • Data di pubblicazione: 23/07/2008
  • Prima edizione: marzo 2003, maggio 2008