Il gruppo Giunti


Sergio Giunti - President Giunti GroupSergio GiuntiPresident

Born in Florence in 1937, Sergio Giunti began his career in various divisions of the company led by his father, Renato Giunti. In 1962 he graduated from the renowned Cesare Alfieri School of Political Science at the University of Florence, while working simultaneously on the restructuring of the sales department within the family business. In 1965 the Giunti Publishing Consortium was created and in 1975 Sergio Giunti succeeded his father as head of the company, continuing his father’s policy of corporate expansion. In 1986 he launched a major publishing project in the magazine sector, and in 1990, Giunti Gruppo Editoriale was born. On May 31, 2000 Sergio Giunti became a Knight of the Order of Merit for Labour. On June 2, 2010 he received the “Lombard Elite” prize on the occasion of the Milano Finanza Company Awards 2010. The President of Giunti received this recognition, conferred for the first time to a Publisher, for “effective commercial strategy, success of strategic acquisitions, and development involving innovative sectors”.

Bruno MariVice President

Born in Milan in 1952, he graduated with a degree in Philosophy from the University of Milan. He began his professional career in the publishing industry by working as an editor in the scholastic division of Giunti Editore. In 1986 he became Director of Publishing and in 1999 he took over the position of Editorial Director of Giunti. He has acted as Vice President of the Giunti Group since 2009 and is specifically responsible for digital development.


Martino Montanarini - CEO Giunti GroupMartino Montanarini - Chief Executive Officer

Born in Milan in 1964, after various work experiences in Italy and in Germany Martino Montanarini joined the Giunti Group in 1990 as CEO of Giunti Industrie Grafiche.
In 1996 he was appointed General Manager of Giunti Editore, and in 1998 he became Chief Executive Officer. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of various companies within the Giunti Group.
Since 1998 he has acted as the legal representative of ATI Giunti which organizes the management of various state museums in Florence (including the Uffizi Gallery, Accademia Gallery, Bargello Museum, Medici Chapels, Boboli Gardens, Palazzo Pitti, National Archeological Museum and Opificio delle Pietre Dure).

Daniele Tinelli - General Manager Giunti GroupDaniele Tinelli - General Manager

Graduating in Business Administration with a specialization in Corporate Finance from Bocconi University of Milan, Daniele Tinelli began his professional career in 1988 at Mach 2 Libri SpA as Administrative Manager and Management Control.
From 1995 to 1997 he was appointed Administrative Manager and Management Control of Habitat Management Italy Srl, a company operating in the retail sector. In 1997 he was appointed General Managing Director of the European Book Service Srl, a company controlled by Giunti Editore SpA operating large-scale retail trade. In 1998 he became Administrative Manager and Management Control of the Giunti Group and in 2009 was appointed General Manager.